This Week’s Market

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The market will open at 8:00 AM

Chef Demo by Executive chef Ian Winslade - Morningside Kitchen

Our vendors usually post their product lists by Friday. Please check back for updates.

Farmers, Artisans and Events this week

Antonio's Fresh Pasta

❑ Fresh Tagliatelle
❑ White Bucatini
❑ Green Tagliatelle (Spinach)
❑ Red Whole Wheat Tagliatelle
❑ Black Bucatini
❑ Multicolor Gigli
❑ Gluten Free Gigli (w/ Lemon Zest and Pepper)

❑ Ravioli with Beet and Ricotta Salata
❑ Ravioli with Mushrooms
❑ Ravioli Magri di Ricotta (Mahi Mahi, Grouper, Tilapia, Shark, Spinach)
❑ Arugula and Goat Cheese

❑ Bolognese Sauce (Beef, Pork)
❑ Puttanesca Sauce
❑ Vodka Sauce

Crystal Organic Farm

❑ Cherry Tomatoes
❑ Slicing Tomatoes
❑ Green Beans
❑ Parsley
❑ heirloom tomatoes: black krim & Bradley
❑ Basil
❑ Eggplant Mix
❑ Green Cabbage
❑ Beets
❑ Arugula
❑ Malibar spinach
❑ Green & Red Summer Crisp Lettuce
❑ Yellow & Sweet Onions
❑ Leeks
❑ Slicing & Pickling Cucumbers
❑ okra
❑ red and orange sweet peppers
❑ Peppers: Shishito, Padron
❑ Potatoes
❑ Eggs
❑ Watermelon
❑ Herbs: Rosemary, Lemon Thyme, Mint
❑ Flowers

Elm Street Gardens

❑ Sungold Cherry Tomatoes
❑ Heirloom Tomatoes
❑ Slicing Tomatoes
❑ Okra
❑ Italian Eggplant
❑ Assorted Peppers
❑ PoTaToEs!!: German Butter Ball and All Blue
❑ Topless Beets
❑ Carrots
❑ Snap Beans (stringless) and Red Noodle Beans
❑ Arava Melon
❑ Cucumbers
❑ Zephyr Squash and Zucchini
❑ Basil
❑ Garlic
❑ Figs!
❑ Arugula
❑ Lettuce Mix

❑ Eggs

La Calavera Bakery

We're bringing back an old favorite this week: Fennelina! This delicious loaf is made with toasted sesame and fennel seeds. What else will we have?...
❑ sprouted whole wheat bread (made with our homemade flour from organic wheat berries which we soak, sprout, dehydrate and mill for each batch)
❑ carrot spelt bread (made with organic carrots which we juice for each batch, plus pumpkin seeds and mild dried chiles)
❑ supersourdough (a long-fermented sourdough which is easier for many people to digest due to the broken-down gluten structure in this bread)

and more!

If you come to market hungry, try some of our breakfast pastries and treats:
❑ savory empanadas
❑ cinnamon brioche rolls
❑ chocolate mini-babkas
❑ fresh fruit danish
❑ puff pastry orejas
❑ gluten-free molasses ginger marranitos (piggy cookies)
and mucho màs!

Moon Organics

I'm excited to see you all at the market! I missed last time so, I'll be sure to have plenty of your favorite MOON goodies with me Saturday!
All products are my own unique blends of beautiful & powerful botanical ingredients. My goal with MOON Organics is to make you happy and beautiful and help you move towards healthier choices for skincare. All products come with a 100% money-back happiness guarantee.
Here's what I'll have at market this Saturday:
MOON deodorant stick in two odor-fighting scents…lemongrass/lavender/tea tree or frankincense/red thyme. Bacteria = stink... the essential oils I chose block bacteria formation, and in turn, block stink. And yes…it does work or your money back!

MOON All Day cream deodorant (for those who are sensitive to the baking soda in other natural brands) All Day is 100% vegan and has no baking soda. It absorbs completely and fights odor all day!

A Fresh Start: If Mother Nature used a facial cleanser, this would be it! MOON's coconut soap facial cleanser contains organic borage and organic meadowfoam seed oils to soften and nourish skin and reduce the signs of aging as you cleanse. Vitamin C and love infused! Available in trial/travel size and full size!

Satin Touch: Skin nourishment & hydration made with organic oils and scented with essential oil of grapefruit to energize you! Easy to use, you'll never use lotion again. Comes in small and large size. Works immediately!

Silky Touch the stick version of Satin Touch it's so easy to use! Great for last minute touch ups for knees and heels in the summer. Fresh orange scent!

MOON Dust body powder and dry shampoo. People are obsessed with this talc free formula that keeps you dry and helps keep you smelling fresh. Use it in your hair when you just don't feel like washing!

Your Softer Side: incredibly thick and rich hand/body butter with organic shea, organic babassu, and horsetail fern butter. Horsetail is a 40 million year old medicinal fern that helps heal skin and does wonders on issues like poor cuticles and eczema. Heavenly scent of lemongrass and lavender help ease tensions and acts as a mild anti-bacterial. In lemongrass/lavender ***spring scent of peppermint palo santo is here!!*****NEW Gardener's Blend with organic kombo butter and basil for hard working hands and/or sore feet.

Soothe It: nature's cortisone with organic plantain herb oil and tea tree will stop itch and heal bug bites, poison ivy, and minor scrapes without a visit to the pharmacy.

Sacred Beauty: ancient clay mineral mask with kaolin, bentonite, Rhassoul clay, pure Dead Sea salt, organic green Matcha tea and sacred blue lotus flower. A true "detox" and nourish-er for your face. Comes in sample and full size. You'll see a difference after just one use. Customize to your skin type with add-ins like honey or lemon juice.

Organic lavender sachets: place them in drawers and around you. You can use the lavender sachets in the dryer in the last 5 minutes instead of chemical dryer sheets. (They last about 5 loads) Free "charge ups" with lavender oil for as long as you own it! Great for bed sheets and towels!

GPS (Golden Perfection Serum): a blend of 5 organic seed oils, each with their own job at supplying moisture, prevent aging, and fight wrinkles. Brightens and evens skin tone. Come by to try some! I have small sampler vials to take some home with you to try. Comes in original and large pore/blackhead formula.

Youthful Essence: MOON's powerful anti-wrinkle cream with organic meadowfoam seed, honeyquat, vitamin C and boabab oil plus many other age defying botanicals. Tested for it's ability to moisturize on the driest days, prevent fine lines, and fade dark spots. See what the talk is all about!

Love Your Lips: all organic butters and oils infused with spearmint and peppermint to soften, protect and soothe dry lips.

Try Me Bag: The perfect choice for those who can't choose....A bag-o-fun of sample sizes of 4 different products (A Fresh Start facial cleanser, Your Softer Side hand butter, Love Your Lips, and mineral mask) to bring home and try, all in one cute bag! Save $5 over purchasing separately!

153 handcrafted soaps: I now carry 153 Boutique's lovely essential oil scented soaps that produce thick luxurious lather. Made with love of course in 3 beautiful scents: lemongrass, lavender, and sage.

Eye Love This: make up remover that does double duty. As you take your make up off, this original formula softens and nourishes the skin around your eyes AND your lashes to prevent lash loss so you can grow them thicker. Lab tested for eye safety, (but never on animals) Eye Love This was as safe as water to eyes. (Come see what big name brand I tested against and see how badly they failed!) NOW COMES WITH A FREE ORGANIC PAD.

Hairy Bear beard and skin moisturizing oil: scented with organic black spruce and filled with oils and butters to soften even the toughest whiskers AND address the dry skin underneath the beard. GREAT FATHERS DAY GIFT!!

Lavender essential oil: this is the highest quality Bulgarian organic lavendula angustifolia on the planet. So many uses...from stress busting to kitchen cleaning. Comes with an insert that gives you the 411

Tea tree essential oil: organic South African tea tree (melaleuca alternifolia) known for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties! Great to diffuse during flu season!

Lemongrass essential oil: organic from west India, this oil makes a great insect repellent, and can be used in food!

Warm Embrace essential oil blend. This blend helps to promote feeling of security and confidence. The aroma is like a warm hug. Essential oils are plant chemicals that react with your brain to elicit feeling, emotions or help physical ailments like blood pressure or headache.

Sweet Relief essential oil blend. This blend helps to ease those tension know the ones...they start at your neck and come around to the top of the head. Yeah, those. Essential oils are nature's chemical pharmaceuticals created with love.

Dream Catcher essential oil blend This blend of organic oils are clinically proven to help you fall asleep. Comes with great tips for insomniacs!

Come say hello! Thank you for your support at Morningside!

Red Earth Organic Farms

Come by this Saturday and talk to Melissa and Larra and find out what our family can offer your family.

Follow our Facebook page Red Earth Organic Farms and get the latest information about our produce availability and farm happenings.

NEW, You can pre-order our produce for pickup at the market, by clicking Pre-Order and your order will be ready for pickup at the market, without waiting!

Available This Week
Ginger, Our fresh is ginger is back but we have limited availability this week!
Green Beans
Asian Melons
And Much More...

Red Earth Organic Farms is a Wholesome Wave Georgia Partner!
We can Double your purchase or a Harvest Membership using your EBT/SNAP card!

Xocolatl Small Batch Chocolate

Our two ingredient dark chocolate is made in small batches at our microfactory in Krog Street Market. We use ethically sourced cacao and simple ingredients to craft quality bean to bar chocolate free of soy, dairy, and gluten.

This week's offerings include:

Kissed Mermaids - 60% dark chocolate + organic cane sugar, kissed by creamy coconut milk and topped with vanilla infused sea salt and crunchy cacao nibs. A fan favorite!
Magnifimint - 68% dark chocolate + organic cane sugar, infused with ground mint. Earthy, herbal, and refreshing.
Americana - 68% dark chocolate + organic cane sugar. A naturally fruity chocolate with vanilla and warming pie spices. As American as it gets!
Wide Eyed - 68% dark chocolate + organic cane sugar. Smooth, coffee-infused Nicaraguan cacao with ground espresso. This bar will wake you up for sure.
Nicaragua - 72% Nicaraguan cacao + organic cane sugar. Super smooth and earthy, with notes of vanilla, licorice, and sweet smoke.
Madagascar - 73% Madagascar cacao + organic cane sugar. A bright, tangy chocolate with notes of citrus and red berries. A Morningside favorite!
Peru - 85% Peruvian cacao + organic cane sugar. Dark, creamy, and pleasantly bitter with tangy notes of tropical fruit and dark berries.
Pure - 100% Nicaraguan cacao. A silky, earthy bar that showcases the natural flavor of cacao. Enjoy on its own or with a rich, dark coffee!
Chef's Chocolate - a large 8 oz bar of one of our single origin chocolates.

Other Items
Xocolatl Trail Mixes - Made with nuts, dried fruit, seeds, and (of course) pieces of our own single origin chocolates. Two varieties: the Georgia-inspired Moonlight Through the Pines and our tropical Smile With the Rising Sun.
Herbal Cacao Tea - Made from the husks of cacao beans! Smooth and soothing. Oolong and pu'erh blends also available.
Drinking Chocolate - Rich Nicaragua chocolate made for melting into your favorite milk (dairy or non-dairy!) Liquid bliss in a cup. Available in Salted Coconut Milk, Vanilla Cinnamon Spice, and our original Single Origin Nicaragua.
Chocolate Hazelnut Spread - Everything you want in a chocolate hazelnut spread, with a touch of sea salt and only ingredients you recognize.
Vanilla Bourbon Cacao Extract - Vanilla, Cacao, and Bourbon all in one handmade extract. Indulgent in both baked treats and cocktails.
Cacao Nibs - Crunchy, nutty, organic nibs.
Raw Cacao Beans - Eat them raw, or roast them perfectly to your taste.

☆Did you know?

Cacao beans are fermented before we make them into chocolate! Changing roasting times, from darker roasts to lighter roasts (or even leaving them completely unroasted) is a technique chocolate makers use to achieve different flavors!

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