This Week’s Market

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The market will open at 8:00 AM

Our vendors publish their product lists no later than Friday. Please check back for updates. 

Farmers, Artisans and Events this week

Ancient Awakenings

Introducing Georgia Sourdough Company!!! They handcraft the healthiest crackers possible! Made with 100% organic flour and organic indigenous sourdough starter to leaven & ferment. The result is some delicious snacking without the belly ache. So nice!
We will be sampling Georgia Sourdough Co Sea Salt Crackers this Saturday and they will also be available to purchase. (Each package is individually sealed for freshness. Small batch handmade sourdough crackers made with natural and organic ingredients.)

Cashew Cheese Lovers!!!
Morningside Market has approved Ancient Awakenings to sell Pure Abundance Cashew Cheeses!!! (Loaded with probiotics too!!!) Please stop by our booth on Saturday and pick up your favorite dairy-free cheese you have been missing!!!!

Boost your immune system now, keep it strong all season long! Come see us Saturday and sample of our Sparkling Orange Peach Mango and Sparkling Grape Water Kefirs. Water kefir is a wonderful digestive tonic known to helps satisfy cravings for sweets and sodas, and packed with billions of probiotics as well as electrolytes. Boost your immune system with our authentic probiotic Kombucha energy teas also known as "the elixir of life", made with organic green and oolong slimming tea! Loaded with B-vitamins, probiotics, and electrolytes; our Original Kombucha Energy Tea, Apple Cinnamon Kombucha, and our favorite Elderberry Ginger Ginseng Kombucha will rehydrate your body quickly and give you sustainable energy throughout your day. Reduce acid, indigestion, and heartburn with our alkaline-forming Cultured Vegetables. They are awesome, tart, and ridiculously good for you!!! For rebuilding your inner ecosystem and supplying the body with ample beneficial bacteria, we recommend our Vanilla Banana Coconut Kefir and Plain Coconut Kefir. These products are best for thoroughly cleansing the digestive tract and keeping things moving!! Ancient Awakenings Vanilla Banana Coconut Kefir will only be available to purchase at the Morningside Market or at our store in Woodstock. Hope to see you this weekend!!!

❑ Water kefirs: Sparkling Orange Peach Mango and Sparkling Grape
❑ Probiotic Kombucha Tea: Original Energy Tea, Apple Cinnamon, and Elderberry Ginger Ginseng
❑ Organic Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil
❑ Cultured Vegetables
❑ Kefir: Vanilla Banana Coconut Kefir and Plain Coconut Kefir
❑ Pure Abundance Cashew Cheeses

Please email us if you would like cases or larger quantities so that we can make sure to have products for you!!!

Thanks for support!

Steven and Dana Rankin

Café Campesino

We will have our 1lb bags of 100% organic, fair trade and specialty grade beans from Café Campesino, as well as, our cold brew coffee selections from Banjo Cold Brew brewed right here in Atlanta (using only Café Campesino beans).

 Regardless of hot or cold, your coffee purchases support the Cafe Campesino purpose: partner with small-scale coffee farmers, connect communities, and inspire conscious great cup of coffee at a time.

This week's selection:

French Roasts (Very Dark):

❑ Bolivia
❑ Café Campesino Decaf Blend 

❑ Critical Mass Blend 

Viennese Roasts (Medium-Dark):

❑ BRAG Blend

❑ Sumatra

❑ Peru

Full City Roasts (Medium):

❑ Ethiopia Sidamo

❑ High Strung Espresso

Medium Roasts (Our lightest roast): 

❑ Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

❑ Colombian

❑ Urban Banjo Blend

Cold Brew:

❑ 32oz Pitch Black

❑ 32oz Sweetly Tuned

By the Cup: 

❑ Brewmasters Choice
❑ Cold Brew

If you have any special requests, feel free to email Thanks!

La Calavera Bakery

Spring into a loaf of fresh, organic bread! We'll have
❑ sprouted whole wheat bread (made with our homemade flour from organic wheat berries which we soak, sprout, dehydrate and mill for each batch)
❑ carrot spelt bread (made with organic carrots which we juice for each batch, plus pumpkin seeds and mild dried chiles)
❑ supersourdough (a long-fermented sourdough which is easier for many people to digest due to the broken-down gluten structure in this bread)

and lots more!

If you come to market hungry, try some of our breakfast pastries and treats:
❑ savory empanadas
❑ cinnamon brioche rolls
❑ chocolate mini-babkas
❑ fresh fruit danish
❑ puff pastry orejas
❑ gluten-free molasses ginger marranitos (piggy cookies)
and mucho màs!

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