Farmers & Artisans

153 BoutiqueLake Spivey, GAwebsite

153 Boutique specializes in organic handcrafted soaps. Each batch of soap is made  with our own sodium hydroxide solution which we combine with organic oils to produce soap. This is known as the saponification process. It is during this process that all the sodium hydroxide is removed by the oils. We add essential oils to some of our soaps for their keynote properties such as healing or protecting skin or to help reduce anxiety and stress. We do not use any animal or nut by-products, such as goats milk or almond oil. It is our desire to provide a hypoallergenic and vegan soap. While we do not test our products on animals, a few of our clients use our soaps on their pets. We are a family business and serious about being healthy. Every bar of soap is handcrafted in Lake Spivey, Georgia. Our soaps are created from scratch using our tested and tried recipes.

26th and PoppedAtlanta, GAwebsite

26th and Popped, at market every other week, specializes in handcrafted gourmet popcorn. We use organic non-GMO kernels that are hot air popped and contain ZERO additives, preservatives or artificial flavoring or coloring…an ingredient list you can actually understand! We are proud to be a popcorn company that values good quality and good health.

We use only the finest ingredients to create decadent flavors with exceptional taste. We have every taste bud covered with sweet and savory flavors made in small batches to ensure consistent and delicious popcorn every time.

The story behind 26th and Popped is simple, yet meaningful. It’s all about family, home and our LOVE of popcorn.

Ancient AwakeningsWoodstock, GAwebsite

Ancient Awakenings, at market every other week, produces living fermented probiotic foods - kefir, kombucha, and cultured vegetables - out of our production kitchen in Woodstock, GA. All our products are made with love using an ancient, natural, slow fermentation process. We keep our batches small and make everything in glass containers. All of our products are made with organic ingredients; most of the ingredients are locally sourced when available. We specialize in coconut kefir, water-based kefirs, authentic kombucha tea, and cultured vegetables.

Antonio’s Fresh PastaAthens, GAwebsite

Antonio Zenere was born in Italy and lived there for most of his life. He moved to the US in 1988 working and studying for many years at the University of Georgia. In 2003 he received a Doctorate in Food Science. In 2006 he decided to start making his own pasta, and imported a pasta machine from Italy. The result is his delicious pasta, made fresh for the market.

Burge Organic FarmMansfield, Georgiawebsite

Burge Organic Farm grows diverse and delicious varieties of fruits and vegetables year-round on 16 acres of intensively managed cropland. Our goal is to grow food that is honest, clean and of the highest quality. We specialize in open-pollinated heirloom varieties of produce, which enables us to save our own seed and create varieties that our unique to our farm. We grow unconventional produce unconventionally. From our heirloom garlic (propagated after being found growing wild on the property), to harvests of wild plums, asparagus, baby okra, kiwis, Asian specialty vegetables (Komatsuna, anyone?), there is always something special growing at Burge. Let us feed you!

Now also featuring pastured chicken fed 100% organic non-GMO feed and raised on organic pasture, from Grateful Pastures, sold at the Burge Organic Farm booth.

Café CampesinoAmericus, Georgiawebsite

Café Campesino is an organic coffee roastery based in Americus, Georgia, that is fully committed to fair, direct and transparent trade with coffee farmers.   It was founded in 1998 after Americus-native Bill Harris traveled to Guatemala on a Habitat for Humanity trip where he saw the need for a fair approach to the coffee trade.  Shortly after Bill started Café Campesino, he launched the country’s only fair trade green coffee purchasing and importing cooperative called Cooperative Coffees.   As a member of Cooperative Coffees, Café Campesino is able to partner directly with small-scale coffee farmers around the world and roast some of the highest quality, specialty grade coffee available. Those coffees are sold to retail and wholesale accounts across the country, inside Café Campesino’s Sweet Auburn Curb Market coffee shop and at the Morningside Market.

Crystal Organic Farm Newborn, GAwebsite

Nicolas Donck was born in Belgium and moved here to the land he now farms in Georgia when he was 16. He graduated from UGA with a degree in international business but quickly realized that his heart belonged to farming. Nicolas started Cystal Organic Farm sixteen years ago, the same year that he and several other organic farmers started the Morningside market. The loyal support of Saturday morning market buyers has enabled Crystal Organic Farm to grow steadily over the years. We have been coming to the Market year round now for several years and are so thankful for its existence.

Nicolas' teenaged boys and his mother often join him at the Market or at the farm. The farmer's wife is starting to sell homemade cards at the market as well. Nicolas loves that it is a family operation and that he can now share what he has learned with a new generation of farmers.

Doug’s Wild Alaska SalmonReside in Homer Alaska and catch the fish in Bristol Bay, AK. Spend the winter months in Bluffton, SCwebsite

Doug's Wild Alaska Salmon is at Morningside Farmes Market monthly from November through early April (in Alaska for fishing April through October).

Based in South Carolina, Doug's Wild Alaska Salmon makes fresh-frozen salmon and halibut available locally in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida. Being the fisherman, we can provide you with the highest quality flash-frozen wild salmon. Doug's Wild Alaska Salmon is owned and operated by the Resetarits family, three generations of Alaskan fisherman spanning a 35 year period.

Grandpa Dan is a South Carolina resident who flies north each summer to join the boys for the harvest. Dad Doug, a part time Carolinian, is a 30 year Homer, Alaska native, a licensed Coast Guard captain and former Bering Sea crabber of "Deadliest Catch" fame. All four boy's began fishing salmon with Dad when they were 10, and together we operate four, 32 foot fishing boats during June and July. Bristol Bay is the largest wild "red salmon" or sockeye salmon fishery in the world. Certified sustainable, natural, and robust, the Alaska salmon fisheries are known worldwide as a model of successful fisheries management and economic prosperity.

As the fishermen, we are blessed to experience the beauty of Alaska during the renowned Bristol Bay fishing season, to participate in the native culture, and to work long hours side-by-side . Demand continues to increase for wild salmon and omega 3 rich diets, we are proud to make our fish available.

The Resetarits Family

Elm Street GardensSparta, GAwebsite

Elm Street Gardens is an intensive one-acre certified organic vegetable garden, spread out amongst four acres, located behind a historic house in Sparta, Georgia and along Elm Street. The gardens were begun in 2004 as an experiment to see if the Currey family could grow the vegetables they wanted to eat throughout the year. A diverse array of vegetable and fruit crops are now grown year round using a no-till method in the outdoor beds and in the hoop houses. In addition to the six hoop houses, there is a heated seed house for starting transplants.

Robert & Suzy Currey are the owners and founders of Elm Street Gardens. Over the years they have transformed an overgrown backyard into a beautiful and highly productive one-acre working vegetable farm. They are an essential part of the planning, growing, and selling of Elm Street's produce.

Jessica Legendre and Josh Plymale began managing Elm Street Gardens in January of 2016. They hail from Texas and North Carolina respectively, where they both got their itch for small scale agriculture.  Both moved to Georgia and apprenticed under two great farmers on ‘educational production’ farms in the surrounding Atlanta area.  They come to Elm Street with great excitement, knowledge and are eager to grow good food for all.

"We never use any synthetic fertilizers or chemicals on our property and abide by organic standards in growing our produce. Every year the soil in our garden improves with our constant mulching, and we can not only see the difference, but taste it as well. The health of our soil directly impacts both the health of our plants and of those who consume them. Quality and taste are our results."

Grateful PasturesMansfield, GA

Grateful Pastures is a small farm on 25 acres in Mansfield, Ga. We produce the tastiest pasture-raised chicken and eggs around.  Founded in March 2015 by Shaun and Sabrina Terry, Grateful Pastures focuses on humane and ecologically responsible farming practices.  We move our mobile shelters every morning so that our chickens always have fresh pasture to feed on. We never use antibiotics or any other unnatural supplements.  In addition to the constant supply of fresh grass and bugs, our chickens eat Certified Organic feed. We believe that someday these farming practices will be the norm.  It just takes the consumer's dedication to purchase only the most responsibly produced foods!  We love to answer questions about the farm and our dreams for the future of agriculture, so stop by our booth soon!

La Calavera BakeryAtlanta, GAwebsite

La Calavera Bakery is your local spot for whole grain bread and traditional Mexican treats and pan dulce. We use 100% organic flour in everything we make, and source our fruit and vegetable ingredients from small, local, sustainable farmers. Many of our breads are made with our own freshly-milled flour, including our sprouted breads; for these we use our own flour made from whole grains and legumes which we sprout, dehydrate and mill fresh for every market day.

Moon OrganicsPowder Springs, GAwebsite

Susan Gonzalez created MOON Organics because she saw the need for healthy, chemical-free beauty products.

"I developed these products after my diagnosis with stage III breast cancer left me searching for natural, organic, affordable choices for my skin, face, hair and nails. I am always creating new products that deliver beauty and health," Susan said.

Susan's goal, with MOON Organics, is to provide you with high quality alternatives to harmful, unhealthy products, and give you options that you can feel good about.

MOON Organics is at Morningside Farmers Market every other week.

Nature’s Garden Organic Cold-Pressed JuicesTucker, GA

Organic, nutritional, locally-produced cold-pressed juices. Since 2014 we have worked hard to create flavorful, nutrient-packed and consciously crafted juices using 100% organically grown fruits, vegetables and superfoods. Our goal was to come up with fresh and delicious flavor combinations that were nutritionally balanced. Nature’s Garden Cold-Pressed juices are some of the healthiest you can buy, and reflect our unwavering values towards health, community and sustainability. Our goals are to make healthy living easy, fun, accessible, affordable, and aspirational for our community. Sit back and enjoy some happiness in a bottle!

Some of the organic cold-pressed juices that Nature's Garden brings to market:

  • Beet It - 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Juice (Beets, Apples, Lemon, Celery, Kale, Spinach, Ginkgo Biloba)
  • Cabbage Head - 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Juice (Blueberries, Cabbage, Pineapple, Lime)
  • Greens with Benefits - 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Juice (Kale, Lemon, Ginger, Apple, Honey, Spinach)
  • Plant Powerful - 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Juice (Cucumber, Spinach, Yellow Pepper, Aloe, Parsley, Apple, Celery, Alfalfa, Romaine, Lemon)
  • Slightly Nuts - 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Nut Milk (Almonds, Maca, Cashews, Dates, Agave, Pumpkin Seeds, Vanilla, Himalayan Pink Salt)
  • Sourface Lemon - 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Juice (White Mango Pear Tea, Mint, Agave Nectar, Lemon, Orange)
  • Sunrise Supreme - 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Juice (Orange, Carrot, Mint, Cherry, Turmeric, Lemon)

Pure Bliss OrganicsMarietta, GAwebsite

Taste the bliss in our certified organic granola, nut mixes, cookies, and granola bars. Our products are lovingly and locally handmade with the best ingredients available and have no preservatives or artificial additives. They are healthy blissful treats that satisfy heart and soul.

Red Earth Organic FarmsZebulon, GA website

Formed by the merging of lives and farms between (Dave Bentoski of D & A Farm) and Belinda Bentoski (formerly Belinda Wernau of Little Red Hen Farm). We were married in April 2014 and have been working hard along with family members to bring this merger to fruition. Together along with Pops (Alan Bentoski), Aunt Pat (Pat Licari), and many other trusted family members we run a diverse Certified Organic family farm. We produce an immense variety of Vegetables, Fruits, Melons, Transplants, Pork, Beef, and various value added pantry items. We sell directly to customers and enjoy sharing time with all of you every Saturday at Market.

You can expect exciting new changes to our CSA and farm for 2015 and years to come! Our commitment to producing and direct selling clean, ethical, organic food is stronger than ever. We look forward to providing you our best.

Your Farm Family,

Red Earth Organic Farms

Revolution DoughnutsDecatur, GAwebsite

The word “Revolution” in our name refers to our dedication to hand-crafted food - our doughnuts are made by people not machines - to making all our doughs, glazes and fillings from scratch and using real food ingredients in our recipes: organic flour, local dairy, fresh fruit, natural flavor extracts, and 100% trans-fat free oil.

Riverview FarmsRanger, GAwebsite

Ranger, Georgia might be the farm's mailing address, but it's the banks of the Coosawattee River north of Ranger that Riverview Farms calls home. Nestled into the crook of an elbow of the river, the 500 acre farm has been growing certified organic produce since 2000. The farm's certified organic pastures are where you'll find the cows and pigs that Riverview gently raises -- producing the lauded grassfed beef and Berkshire pork you'll find on the menus of the best restaurants in Atlanta. As a matter of principle, the second generation family farm operates as a closed-loop, single-source farm that exceeds certified organic requirements: all of Riverview's animals are born and raised on the farmstead, and everything they eat is certified organic and grown on the farm. Why? Because it's good for the land, good for the animals, and good for people -- and because pigs love melons and tomatoes, too!

Sparta MushroomsSparta, GAwebsite

Sparta Mushrooms, located in Sparta, GA, grows certified organic gourmet and medicinal mushrooms year-round. Our mushrooms are cultivated on hardwood, and inoculated with farm-made spawn on GA organic rye. We specialize in shiitake, lion's mane and oyster mushrooms.

We're all about growing fabulous mushrooms and serving as a driver for economic development for our area.

Xocolatl Small Batch ChocolateAtlanta, GAwebsite

Xocolatl Small Batch Chocolate is proud to offer Atlanta "bean-to-bar" dark chocolate. We import cacao (cocoa) beans from 6 different countries--each chosen for the different flavor profiles of the beans. We roast the beans, then crack, winnow and grind them for up to 72 hours, adding only organic cane sugar. We then temper and hand-wrap the dark chocolate bars all at our Krog Street Market micro-factory. Because we only make 2 ingredient chocolate (cacao and sugar), our bars are gluten, soy and dairy-free. In addition to our line of single-origin dark chocolate bars, we also offer a rotating selection of flavored bars as well because who doesn't like chocolate with nuts, or fruit or mint or coffee??

Xocolatl (chock-oh-LAH-tul) is owned by a local husband and wife team and is the result of our search for a calling that involves using our hands, connecting to real food, supporting local communities (both our own and other people's) and a fortuitous trip to Costa Rica.

Take a guided tour of the Xocolatl chocolate-making facility in this short video, and see how chocolate is made.

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